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When Shane Alfonso (pictured in top photo) saw probation officers walk into his backyard, he picked up a shotgun and ran for it. He knew that possession of a firearm and the stolen dirt bike in his backyard were violations of the terms of his probation.

A team of Sheriff’s deputies and probation officers from San Bernardino County eventually caught up with Alfonso, dragged him to the ground and took him into booking.

Alfonso is one of thousands of offenders who have committed non-violent, non-serious, non-sexual crimes that normally would have landed them in state prison, but are now under county supervision.

Learn more about California’s new prison system on KPCC’s AudioVision.

Photos by Mae Ryan.

Phil Stern started out as a war photographer and ended up with John Wayne in Acapulco.

See more of his iconic images of Hollywood on KPCC’s AudioVision.

Photos of the Cordón Caulle volcano erupting by Chilean photographer Francisco Negroni

Scientists still aren’t entirely sure what causes volcanic lightning, but it sure does look pretty.

[via PetaPixel]


This computer simulation of a hummingbird in flight, surrounded by turbulent vortices of air.  Haoxiang Luo, a professor of mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt, built this incredibly detailed simulation based on videos of the real thing (captured by Ty Hedrick at UNC):

When most birds fly, they produce lift as their wings flap downwards, but when their wings flap back up, they do the opposite - they produce a little negative lift.  But hummingbirds tilt their wings so they produce positive lift on both upstroke and downstroke.

Luo’s research could be used to help perfect a hummingbird drone. One company in California has already given it a try. Here’s an early prototype, in slow mo, followed by a newer version with a camera attached:

NPR’s new science blog SkunkBear is amazing. Check it out.

NASA’s satellite image of the snow covered east coast on January 3rd, 2013.
Sorry guys, it’s 70 and sunny here in LA :)

NASA’s satellite image of the snow covered east coast on January 3rd, 2013.

Sorry guys, it’s 70 and sunny here in LA :)

Japanese scientists levitate small objects using sound waves in this magical video.



For the next year, we’re going to be highlighting moments from the NPR archive, starting in 1984. Why 1984?

  • It’s the first year of archives we have on-site. (Earlier archives live off site at the Library of Congress.)
  • It was a year with a presidential election, the Olympics, and Ghostbusters.

We’re starting a Tumblr to take a look at our archives. To start, we’ll be highlighting one story each day from 1984. (Yes, that means Ghostbusters coverage.) Let us know what you’d like to see there! / Mel 

80s NPR here we come.



Happy New Year y’all!



Happy New Year y’all!

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